Our Vision

“Committed to Exceed Expectations”

  • Committed: the state of being devoted or obligated to a person, a place or an organization.
  • Exceed: to go beyond the limits of something in quantity, degree or scope.
  • Expectations: A standard of conduct or performance expected by or of someone or an organization.

Our Members:

Shasta Athletic Club members can expect a club that cares about their health and understands the importance of fitness and wellness. You can experience relationships and friendships in an atmosphere where individual lives are valued and growth is encouraged. Connect with people just like you.

Our Staff:

We are an organization that provides exceptional service. The foundations of our team are caring and consideration in a professional and friendly manner. We respond with courtesy and clarity to requests. We make every effort to be aware of our surroundings and offer responsible input that would further the growth of the Shasta Athletic Club.

Our Building:

You can expect a clean, safe, comfortable and innovative environment. We provide a facility that is consistently prepared to help you reach your health and wellness goals.