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FITx Training Session Descriptions

FITx30 Strength

Everyone loves FITx Level One. Originally designed for those new to the gym and training, FITx Level One is also popular with both veteran clients looking for an easier-paced workout and those starting back into their training routine. FITx Level One includes the most basic movements and an arrangement of non-intimidating total body exercises. Everyone succeeds in FITx Level One. Expect your FITx trainer in this 60-minute group session to be very instructional and the music to be even more motivating.



FITx Abs & Butt has only one goal; to flatten your abs and shape your butt. You’ll waste no time in this exhilarating 30-minute session working your core to the max. FITx Abs & Butt is inviting for members of all fitness levels. You’ll enjoy a mix of effective high and low exercises combined with great music that will definitely tone your midsection and lift your rear.



FITx Cross Train is the perfect 60-minute total body group training session. Expect it all, plus the kitchen sink, in this motivating 60-minute group training workout. Open to clients of all fitness levels; FITx Cross Train delivers the absolute best total body workout in a team setting that is both motivating and exciting. You can look forward to FITx Cross Train always including the fitness industry’s most innovative tools and equipment, in addition to your FITx trainer introducing new music almost every week.



Get stronger with FITx Strength. This exhilarating 30-minute group weight training session utilizes traditional exercises such as curls, squats, and presses to build strength, confidence, and overall muscular conditioning. FITx Strength is appealing to clients of every fitness level because you choose the weight factor and pace. Light, heavy, or even zero weight, everyone gets results with FITx Strength. Lead by your FITx trainer to the beat of the music, expect to be coached about form and technique to maximize results and safety.



FITx Endurance is the perfect 30-minute stamina building, fat burning workout. This high energy, non-stop group training session maximizes the benefits of FITx “Functional Interval Training” to build endurance and tone the entire body. Utilizing only bodyweight, plyometric, and calisthenic exercises, be prepared to challenge yourself in this all cardio, motivating group training session. Designed for beginner and intermediate clients, this program will prepare you best for FITx Cross Train and Level Three.



Congratulate yourself if you survive FITx Level Three. This 60-minute extreme group training session is designed to push your limits and ability utilizing the most advanced training tools and exercises. Surrounded by fellow FITx warriors, Level Three is for those pre-approved by the FITx staff and entirely up for a demanding challenge. You can be sure the entire FITx crew will turn the music up and accept nothing but 110% effort and perfect form as they test your fitness, stamina, and will.


FITx Freestyle implies exactly what to expect in this 30-minute goal oriented training session. Receive the highest level of personal attention and the largest variety of specialized workouts designed specifically for you, your goals, and fitness level. Designed exclusively for one-on-one and semi-private clients, FITx Freestyle incorporates an unlimited variety of fun, stimulating, and effective exercises. The purpose of FITx Freestyle is to deliver amazing results by exceeding your expectations every day, every session.