Getting Started with FITx

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Getting Started with FITx

What is FITx Training?

FITx training is an arrangement of (7) seven goal-oriented, themed training programs designed to help you achieve your goals fast and effectively. Each themed program is designed specifically to peak your interest no matter what your goal or fitness level may be. Having a choice of (7) seven training programs will keep you motivated and interested for long term amazing results.

What’s Involved in a Session?

FITx training sessions are conducted in both group and private settings. Expect both traditional and progressive training techniques set to music, providing a simple, fun and effective workout. Each training session starts with a warm-up, followed by interval training, finishing with a well-deserved warm-down and stretch.

Who is FITx for?

FITx is for just about anyone, aiming to remove the barriers of age, gender, or fitness background. Whether you are an inactive person interested in getting fit or an athlete looking for a training edge, FITx is for you.

How will I Expect to Feel?

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive prior to your first FITx session. Once you get your first few sessions out of the way, much of that apprehension will disappear. The objective of your first few sessions are to familiarize yourself with the format, the equipment, and the technique of the various exercises. Your FITx trainer will probably recommend a starting weight or technique that may seem too light or too easy to you at first. Keep in mind that you will be doing high numbers of repetitions, and the lighter weight will help you learn proper technique from the beginning.

Allow yourself to be a student; proper technique leads to safer, more effective exercises, and better results. After you get the feel, you can slowly start to increase your weight selections to increase your workout intensity. Talk to the trainer after your session to let him or her know how you are feeling and if anything felt particularly too challenging for you. The instructor will then make recommendations for your next session. Keep in mind that you may be sore for several days afterward because your body is adjusting to the new demands on your muscles. This is perfectly normal. Have fun during your FITx training experience as you build strength, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment that comes with improved fitness.

What to Bring.

Bring a towel, water, and your energy. That’s all you need. You may want to have training gloves, but they are not necessary.

What to Wear.

Being comfortable is most important. Most people wear shorts, t-shirts, and others prefer lycra sports clothing. Be sure to wear athletic shoes. In all, make sure you’re comfortable enough to move and sweat.

Helpful Hints.

Remember that it’s your first time only once. After taking FITx 3 or 4 times, you will soon be a pro. Please arrive 15 minutes early and be sure to have your FITx ID card to review with your trainer. Expect your trainer to guide you and include multiple options throughout your workout. It is highly recommended you catch up with your trainer after your session to review any questions or concerns.