Group Exercise

Group Exercise classes included in membership
KF – These classes are “Kid Friendly”. Children under 14 are welcome. Must be accompanied by an adult.

BodyPump – Your hour of power! This 60 minute barbell program strengthens all of your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. BodyPump is for all ages and fitness levels. See results. Discover BodyPump!

Power Cut – PC challenges your muscles’ endurance and cardiovascular capabilities. Set to music, the goal of this class is to maximize your body’s fat burning system while strengthening the muscles of your core, upper body, legs and bum.

Cardio Blast– The best of everything in 1 hr! Cardio intervals that include basic step, hi-low aerobics, kick-boxing, weights and abdominals. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels. Come join the FUN!!!!

Zumba – Ditch the work out and join the party! Zumba is a Latin based aerobic dance class that is a fusion of salsa, meringue, hip hop, belly dancing and more! Zumba Express It’s the same party and it may not last as long but you’ll get your cardio fix in 45!

Zumba Gold-Same as Zumba but at a slower pace. Great for beginners.

Body Blast – This high energy class will give the kick to make it thru the rest of your workday. High impact aerobics and weights.

Steppin Strong– Intervals of basic step, kickboxing and core. This class is great for fat burning and toning the mid section.

Butts & Guts – It is what it says it is. Nothin butt. This 30 minute class targets the gluteus maximus and all of the abdominal muscle groups. You’ll feel this workout in the front and the back! Talk about body balance!

Aquacise – Great classes for the young, old, physical therapy patients, and expectant mothers. Water works as a resistance to tone while buoyancy offers safety and relief from the pull of gravity. Want to cross train? Water aerobics enhances your cardio and strength training program.

Spinning / Cycle Mania/Cycling – If you like to bike, grab a seat and join in. Suitable for all fitness levels- you control the resistance. Our qualified instructors will take you on a wild ride designed to give you a cardio workout and sculpt the lower body.

Cycle Intervals – Get a great workout! This intense interval class includes weight baring exercises, Pilate’s core training and heart pumping cardio utilizing basic step and cycling.

Be Early, Fit & Strong –This wonderful class is perfect for all ages emphasizing the fitness element for seniors and those new to exercise. Be ready to workout. This is a low impact, full body, strength building class which includes flexibility which is essential for fluid body movement.

Functional Fitness -The class is designed with seniors and special populations in mind. Participants have the opportunity to be introduced to cardiovascular step training, weight & circuit training, balance, yoga, flexibility and simple dance moves. We emphasize exercises that will help make everyday movement easier.

E.K.G. Dance – Rhythm is in the heart! Low-impact dance work out that will help you get a move on.

Beginning Yoga – Designed for the true beginner or injury recovered student. This class instructs basic yoga postures.

Yoga – Stretch and strengthen joints, spine, and muscles. Increase your range of motion. Send blood and oxygen to glands, organs, and nerves.

Deep Flow Yoga – For those who wish to get deeper into their postures and move at a faster pace. The room is NOT heated but can get warm.

Fuego Yoga – Fast paced with energizing music in a heated room (approx. 80 degrees).