What is FITx

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What is FITx

FITx, or otherwise known as “Functional Interval Training eXercise,” is defined as the use of unlimited, non-fixed equipment exercises involved in training the body for the activities performed in daily life. FITx workouts are performed individually or in a group with the use of basic training tools including, but not limited to ropes, kettlebells, suspension equipment, resistance bands, or just bodyweight. Each exercise is performed in intervals for a period of time normally between 15 to 45 seconds. As you complete each exercise to the best of your ability, your results increase as your ability to complete each exercise increases.

FITx includes your favorite workouts and exercises:

The FITx Training Series utilizes a combination of only the best, most innovative training tools and methods.

  • Training Ropes
  • Boxing
  • Kettlebells
  • Balance Balls
  • Plyometrics Equipment
  • Speed, Agility, Balance Tools
  • Bodyweight
  • Traditional Barbells & Dumbbells
  • Suspension Training
  • & Much More

How does FITx, Functional Interval Training Work?

FITx Interval Training is a technique in where you increase and decrease the intensity consistently maintaining your level of aerobic and anaerobic training. The protocol for interval training is to push your body past the aerobic threshold for a few moments, then return to the level of aerobic conditioning with the objective of improving your performance and results (speed, strength, and endurance). The aerobic portion of the workout will help increase cardiovascular fitness while the anaerobic will build muscle and strength. Together the results are real and lasting for clients of any age and fitness level.


Benefits of FITx:

FITx training will lead to better muscular balance, faster weight loss, and overall joint stability, decreasing back pain and injuries sustained in an individual’s daily life or sport. These benefits arise from the use of training techniques that emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in all six degrees of movement. Studies have shown that FITx training increases strength by 58% and balance by 196% over fixed/traditional gym exercises. FITx training has also proven to burn 50% more calories than the use of any other piece of traditional gym equipment or exercise.